1-Day Blessed Parents Education

The Blessed Family Department (BFD) in the Philippines held the virtual 1-day blessing seminar for 1st gen on December 11, 2022.  There are 14 participants who attended online. 

The seminar started with the opening prayer and introduction by the emcee, Pag-Asa Gregorio, BFD Staff. Then, Dr. Randy Ame, BFD Education Head, gave the first lecture on the Value of Blessing and matching candidates. Ms. Teresita Jumawan BFD Regional Coordinator from Mindanao give the lecture on the topic True Love Vs. infatuation. It was then followed by the Guidance of Mrs. Dulce Buyayo, BFD Asia Pacific 2 Director. Mrs. Dulce shared very significant guidance on the significance of the value of the blessing centering on the tradition given by True Parents. Participants were moved and inspired by a Q&A session that included a profoundly felt and motivational testimonial.

Subsequently, participants shared their reflections on today’s guidance, and they are very grateful to receive such tremendous education from our leaders

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