12-Day Series Divine Principle Virtual Seminar Batch 24

On December 8-20, 2022, the National Education Department conducted a 12-Day Online Series Divine Principle Seminar from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. which is equivalent to a 7-Day DP Seminar with face-to-face content. The first ten days are all about all the chapters of the Divine Principle, the 11th day is about the True Parents’ Course, and the 12th day is about the Formula Course, the Blessing, and the Tradition.

We had 12 participants in this batch, Batch 24. One of the participants is an insurance advisor from Aparri, two new full-time members from Palawan, and the rest are coming from Zamboanga and Guimaras who are working as OFWs or overseas foreign workers who are now in the Philippines and others are either employees or unemployed in the Philippines,  

There are also some participants aside from the registered 12 who are former graduates of previous batches of the 12-day online DP seminar and attended this batch as reviewers to refresh their knowledge of the DP. In their oral and written reflections, the participants shared simple reflections yet profound realizations, especially the practical application of the DP to establish world peace beginning with the family importance of knowing the Principle and living for the greater good in order to develop the nation. And they were overwhelmed by the great suffering of our True Parents, especially during the pioneering stage of our movement. Also, the participants understood the value of keeping purity, fidelity in marriage, and the Holy Blessing’s significance and value. They also learned the responsibilities we must accomplish to fulfill our purpose of creation and also the traditions such as bowing and hoondokhae, and including the tradition of tithings and its significance.

The seminar was successful despite a few problems with the internet signal, all the participants attended all the lectures nevertheless, and we provide recorded videos of the lectures and sent them to the participants whose signal was poor due to bad weather and the remoteness of their area. In case they were not able to complete the session due to technical issues, they could continue to watch youtube live or watch the recorded video later. 

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