4th Asia Pacific Leadership Conference Closing Session

          The 4th Asia Pacific Leadership Conference Online Course has finally reached its conclusion after 3 weeks of (4) live interactive sessions and (12) pre-recorded sessions with 16 graduates from 9 countries across the Asia Pacific region. Among the graduates, two are from the Philippines.

            The closing session began with warm greetings and introductions from the Masters of Ceremony, Ms. Grace Carumba, Deputy Secretary-General, UPF Asia Pacific 2.

            Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Director of Education, UPF Asia Pacific, began his welcoming remarks by congratulating the graduates and appreciating the people behind the success of APLC. In his remarks, he said that the opportunity to graduate is not just an acquisition of knowledge but, from the UPF perspective, it is an opportunity to work closely together in solving fundamental problems. He further expressed his call to action and is looking forward to working together with the graduates.

            The program is followed by reflections given by selected participants. Bishop Philip B. Pataguan, Bishop, Soul Winners for Christ Fellowship, Philippines, emphasized strengthening the role of the family in the development of society. Dr. Heng Monychenda, Director of Buddhism for Development, Cambodia, shared his notable realization about peace starting with us and reverberate to others. Dr. Ravikumar Ramly Vidule, Assistant Professor of Shri Sant Gadge Maharj College, India, expressed the need for a strong foundation of the family all over the world. Mr. Lamin D. Bangura, Chairman, Union of African Cultures, Kazakhstan, showed his appreciation for the lesson he learned. He promised to keep them in practice. Finally, Mr. Anit Rohan Maharaj, Tong-Il Moo Do student, gave a summary of all the lessons he learned and shared his determination to become a model of good character.

            Mrs. Maria Laurentia Stefanie, Composter and Independent Musician from Indonesia, rendered a heartwarming performance by singing an original composition entitled, “The Voice of Peace”.

            Congratulatory remarks are given by Dr. KB Rokaya, General Secretary, National Council of Churches, Nepal. He praised UPF and its founders for their dedication and commitment toward achieving peace and expressed his confidence for the organization to accomplish more, stating that we (UPF) should be the salt and light of the world.

            Rev. Masahichi Hori, Regional President, FFFWPU Asia Pacific 2, gave the closing remarks and began by sharing his experience during the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan 10 years ago. He then pointed out that the problems that occurred after the calamity are not due to natural causes but rather due to human arrogance and lack of foresight. He reminded the participants that the Universal Values they acquired through the program can be valued by taking action. He closed his remarks by expressing his pleasure of working together with the graduates who now share similar values.

            The program concluded with News and Announcements presented by Mrs. Ursula Mcklackland, Secretary-General, UPF Asia Pacific, and an International Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) presentation, given by Rev. Ronnie Sodusta, Vice President, FFWPU Asia Pacific 2.

-Written by Chosun Guy