5THAsia Pacific Leadership Conference – Closing Session (April 15, 2021)

April 15, 2021. The 5th Asia Pacific Leadership Conference Online Course has finally reached its conclusion after 2 weeks of (3) live interactive sessions and (10) pre-recorded sessions with 46 graduates from 8 countries across the Asia Pacific region. Among the graduates, 12 are from the Philippines. The virtual conference had its opening session last April 1, 2021, and conducted its interactive live Open Forum and Q&A session last April 8, 2021.

The closing session began with warm greetings and introductions from the Masters of Ceremony, Mr. Ronnie D. Sodusta, Vice – President, FFWPU Asia Pacific 2.

Hon. Eknath Dhakal, Chairman of UPF and IAPP Asia Pacific, expressed his deepest appreciation and congratulations to the graduates of the 5th batch APLC during his welcome remarks. He believes that this online conference has given a life-changing experience to the participants and has given away to cultivate the hearts of people in dealing with human relationships and fundamental questions in life that lead to rebuilding families, societies, nations, and the world.

Following Hon. Eknath Dhakal’s remarks is the presentation of the graduates of the program and handing of Certificate. Ms. Surina Sunayani Gurung, Principal of Galaxy Foundation, Nepal, received the Certificate of Graduation on behalf of all graduates. 

The program is followed by reflections given by selected participants. First to give reflection is Ms. Surina Sunayani Gurung. She appreciates the principles that Father Moon is teaching. She said, “Respective of any country and any religion, these principles are the very essence of building a strong human character and behavior that ultimately helps in building an efficient marriage and family for society”. She expressed her determination to educate the youth with intellect and moral values and build a prosperous and peaceful nation.

Rev. Leonilo A. Aguha, Vice President for Luzon of National Auxiliary Chaplaincy, Philippines, highlighted the importance of Marriage and Family in Nation Building. He emphasized that the principles of Living for the sake of others and True Love must be the foundation in making a strong family.

Just like Rev. Aguha, Ms. Marina Anatolyevna, a Participant from Uzbekistan, shared on “The Role of the Family in building a Nation and Peace in the World.” She said that we should cultivate good character to set a good example for children and youth. She also agrees with Rev. Moon’s concept about Interreligious Marriage. She said, “Interreligious and intercultural unity is the key to achieving a lasting peace on earth.”

Ms. Shilpa Suresh Sawalakhe, Assistant Professor of Autonomous SNDT Women’s University, India, emphasized the contribution of Unity to Peace. She said, “We should come together beyond the boundaries of religion, ethnicity, language, and culture.”

Mr. Lai Fook On, a Member of the Universal Peace Federation, shared his experiences in being part of the Rev. Moon’s movement. He testified that the APLC course made him a better teacher and a better husband.

After the representative participants shared their reflections, Dr. Rebecca M. Andrade, Secretary-General of Professors for World Peace Academy, Philippines, gave the Congratulatory Remarks. She emphasized to the graduates that accomplishing the course is only the beginning of their greater involvement to UPF and that they have to be ready to offer themselves and be in service to others without expecting anything in return. She asks them to be strong, passionate and determined people who will continuously inspire others through living for the sake of others.

As the program near its end, Rev. Demian Dunkley, Regional president, FFWPU Asia Pacific 1, highlighted in his closing remarks the challenges one faces when confronted with Truth. He shared that the principles that were taught had gone through suffering and persecution by religious groups and government. He quoted words from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s autobiography revealing that through the Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960, the movement overcame the persecution and exploded into a worldwide peace movement.

The program concluded with News and Announcements presented by the Masters of Ceremony, Rev. Ronnie Sodusta.