The National Blessed Children Committee- Philippines (NBCC) hosted the Philippine Blessed Children Assembly at FFWPU-Philippine Headquarters last January 19, 2020, Sunday. 74 2nd Generations from different regions attended the assembly. YouTube Live video was also used in order for the 2nd Generations living in farther regions to participate the event. It was the first event of the PhilippineBlessed Children community in 2020.

Welcoming an important year, the assembly helped and gave myriad of inspirations and realizations to the participants. The event begun by playing fun-filled activities which was led by Mr. Victor Rabaño,
NBCC President, and Mr. Kuk Kang Custodio, NBCC marketing officer and the Master of Ceremony of the event. This was followed by a video presentation of previous Blessed Children (BC) activities and events
that was organized by NBCC. Shortly after, Mr. Rabaño presented the master plan of activities for the year 2020. He emphasized the importance of frontline missions such as fundraising, witnessing and other public services which sequentially gives us opportunities to make a substantial offering in helping the Philippine providence and ultimately offer contributions in fulfilling Vision 2020. The speaker
educated and motivated the participants through sharing True Parents’ words and by showing a motivational video. He also introduced the national 40-day condition for 2nd Generation for this year and
the participants promised to offer the condition with sincerity. The condition started on January 20, 2020.

After Mr. Rabaño’s presentation, the program continued with inspirational testimonies given by three BCs: Ms. Soon Hwa Nuyana, Mr. Seuk Joon Agustin and Mr. Toshihiro Nuyana. Ms. Soon Hwa Nuyana
first shared her fundraising experience, her hardships, the turning point of her life and the value of being in the frontline mission. This was followed by a testimony of Mr. Seuk Joon Agustin which was about doing public mission and going to the frontline in order to retain the inspiration received from various workshops and seminars. Lastly, Mr. Toshihiro Nuyana shared his experience about being a part of the “Dispatch Team” in summer 2017 which helped him develop his life of faith, gain leadership skills, meet blessed children from different islands, and realized that sharing joy to other people is the greatest happiness. The participants were moved by their testimonies and at the same time were encouraged to
offer their sincere devotion for the providence. At the latter part of the program, the participants were given pledge forms filled with different options to choose from to take part in the 2020 activities. An
after party was held giving the participants opportunity to exchange merry conversations with one another. The event concluded with three cheers of Eog Mansei and group picture-taking.

The assembly gave determination to BCs that it is time for them to take ownership and substantialize the education they received from past seminars through fundraising, witnessing and other public services. Many received deep insights that going to the frontline is not just for money-making but to meet and strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents.