For the second time of a live broadcast of FFWPU-Philippines Sunday Fellowship, Rev. Dr. Julius Malicdem, Sub-Regional Director of Southeast Asia, shared 4 steps how to make our life of faith beautiful despite of COVID-19 situations in the Philippines.

Dr. Malicdem shared that in order for us to make our life of faith beautiful we need to (1) Rejoice in God always, (2) Control our anxieties, (3) Focus on beautiful things in life and most importantly (4) Pass it on!  (blessings and happiness). He cited the letter of Paul in Philippians 4:4-9 and the life of faith of True Father during the times of pioneering the church from a cardboard hut in Beomnetgol and his endurance as he suffers inside Heungnam Prison.

Dr. Malicdem concluded his message by saying “When difficulties come, we shake it off and step up” because “the beauty of life is a matter of perspective.”

This week’s Sunday Fellowship is hosted by Ms. Chosun Guy. It started with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Dulce Buyayo and a scriptural reading by Ms. Gabrille Elizabeth Bigol. The Philippine HQ band also rendered a song with a title “At the Cross” and an offertory prayer is given by Ms. Joyce Publico.

For news and announcements, to abide with the guidelines of the Philippine Government, all church activities and gatherings are postponed until further notice. There is also an ongoing special 40 days jeongseong condition which every center and blessed family members are encouraged to join. -Ms. Gabrille Bigol

Philippine HQ Band performs the song “At The Cross” during the rehearsal for the live broadcast of Philippine Sunday Life Fellowship at UPF headquarters in Quezon City on the third week, March 22, 2020. The band is composed of 5 members: from left to right, Mr. Ravie Malaza (acoustic guitarist), Mr. Philson Josol (Drummer), Ms. Celine Louise Deapera (lead vocalist), Mr. Emmanuel Gello (metallic guitarist and vocalist) and Mr. Herwin Calinawan (piano).


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