The Philippine National Blessed Children Committee (NBCC) hosted a Level Up!: Blessed Children Philippines (BCPh) Year-End Online Workshop last December 26 to 28, with a theme of, “Becoming the Light of the World through a Filial Heart for Heaven.” A total of 104 participants who are 15 years old and above attended the online workshop. The workshop was held to encourage the blessed children to form a deeper heartistic relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, to take ownership, and to build a new determination before welcoming the year 2022.

The Master of Ceremony for the first day of this workshop was Mr. Hiroto Guingayan, one of the District Representatives from Antipolo. The opening remark was given by Rev. Ronnie Sodusta, President of IAYSP- Asia Pacific Region 2, and the welcoming remark was given by Mrs. Dulce Buyayo, Director of the Blessed Family Department of Asia Pacific Region 2. Both leaders emphasized that the blessed children should unite and support True Mother by constantly levelling-up themselves, becoming the game-changer within the church and their community with true love. The topic of the first lecture was, “Israelites and Us”. The lecture was given by Mr. Victor Rabano, NBCC President. He emphasized the importance of understanding our identity and roles as second generations by comparing the Israelites in the past and the blessed children. He also expressed that in order to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we should overcome ourselves.

The second day of the workshop was led by Mr. Jusun Estoce, NBCC Marketing apprentice. Two sessions were held for this day: The first topic was, “Victory over Communism,” and the lecture was given by Mr. Jude Montifar, World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (WCARP) Director. He clearly explains and critiques what communism ideology is, and teaches the participants on how they could give a good counter-proposal against communism. The second topic was given by Rev. Julius Malicdem, HPHC-FFWPU Vice President of Asia Pacific Region 2, and lectured about, “The Current Providence towards Realizing a Heavenly Unified World.” He explained the step-by-step process of the providence by explaining the meaning behind the events that was conducted in the past to present, and the importance of the blessed children to inherit the heart of Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and their parents. By understanding their current standpoint, the blessed children will know how to contribute to the providence.

The Master of Ceremony for the third day of this workshop was Mr. Seuk Joon Agustin, NBCC Logistics head. The last lecture, “How to Moonie 101” was given by Mr. Roy Carumba, Head of Fil-Jap Education Department. He gave the brief background and taught the importance of practicing the heavenly traditions: Hoon Dok Hae, Tithing, and Holidays. He also emphasized that there are two things that we should absolutely leave behind to our descendants, and these are the traditions and education. Both of them should exist for the sake of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions were held every after lecture and the lecturers served as panelists to answer the questions given by the participants. Many were intrigued and received lots of realization through the answers and explanations the lecturers gave. Followed by the Q&A session, the participants were given time to share their insights and inspiration with other blessed children during the breakout room session. They were divided by teams and the team leader facilitated the discussions. In the closing program of the workshop, three blessed children were chosen to share their reflections in front of all the participants. Ms. Tamae Granada, Blessed Child from Antipolo, shared that her motivation for joining the workshop was to refresh herself from exhaustion. She was tired of handling multiple responsibilities to the point she became spiritually drained, but after listening to the lectures, she determined to fix her attitude towards Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and her sincerity towards her fellow brothers and sisters. Mr. Dae Kyong Wallis, Blessed Child from Baguio, shared that before attending this workshop, he was spiritually depressed, lost and disconnected with other

blessed children in his community. Through the lectures he received, the participant realized that he should take an initiative to talk with others to combat his shyness, and also determined to put an effort to understand the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents more. Ms. Jon Olive Gawec, Blessed Child from Baguio, testified that she was experiencing emotional and mental struggle which made her draw away from nourishing her spiritual being. The workshop helped her to realize that knowing the root of our identity is the key to help us carve our own path, a path wherein Heavenly Parent serves as our guide, and the compass we will use in our journey should be centered on our connection with Heavenly Parent. At the latter part of the program, Rev. Leo Halog, National Leader of HPHC-FFWPU Philippines gave his closing remarks. He encouraged the participants to take responsibility after understanding our identity as blessed children. The next step that the blessed children should take is to give everything what we can as young generations. He emphasized that we can exert our full power and energy if we follow in accordance with True Mother’s expectation. If the blessed children can do that, we can transform and save the young people in our nation. The workshop ended by shouting three cheers of Eog Mansei that was led by Mr. Sunbi Maglangit, Blessed Child from Antipolo.

The participants expressed their gratitude for giving lectures that refreshed their attitude and mindset towards their life of faith. Ms. Grace Oñas, Blessed Child from National Capital Region (NCR), shared that she is still trying to find out her identity and the mission that Heavenly Parent gave to her. She also realized that if she will not overcome her shyness, she cannot do anything for the providence. This made her determined to change her attitude and develop her “new” self. Mr. Brain Catbay, Blessed Child from Mindanao, reflected that second generations should become influential individuals that can bring back the youths and families who fell in the trap of communism ideology by teaching the Divine Principle. He was also surprised to know the meaning behind each national event. After receiving the lecture from Mr. Malicdem, he shared that he was able to reflect his mission in life, and was determined to support his parents in their church based activities. Ms. Sunja Salido, Blessed Child from Visayas, realized that she was practicing tithing with a wrong attitude and also expressed her heart of repentance after listening to the lectures. She promised that she will practice tithing consistently and offer her money whole-heartedly.

The Year-End online workshop reminded the participants about the importance of taking ownership in their lives. Many expressed their determination to overcome themselves and take initiative to reach out to other blessed children in their community and from other regions to strengthen the blessed children community in the Philippines. The participants were also grateful to learn that there are many creative ways they can do to contribute something for the providence.

Report by: Maira Silong