National Sunday School

The Blessed children Education Department had a 11th online National Sunday School on December 11, 2022, at 9am-11am. National Sunday School was attended by 39 participants from around Philippines. We had 4 classes during Sunday School. (3~6 years old class, Grade 1~3 class, Grade 4~6 class, Junior high school class) 8children attended in 3~6 years old class. 6children attended in Grade 1~3 class. 13 children attended in Grade 4~6 class. 12 children attended in junior high school class. 

All staffs are very responsible and did their best. 

For Group 1 and 2, MC was Joan. She was really doing her best to manage young children. And Children also easy to follow to MC. But sometimes, it was difficult her connection and signal.

Technical was Philcob. He really did his best and operate well. Game Master was Margie. Game was simple and it’s easy to understand for small age children. And they enjoyed. Group 1 Teacher was Harold. His topic was “Birth of Jesus”. Group 2 teacher was Nao. She prepared well. And she could have time to communicate well with each one of children.

For Group 3 and 4, The emcee was Maira. She managed well operate well. Shinshin gave the message, and our topic was about “Birth of Jesus. Children were actively listening. Game Master was also Maira because lack of staff. They enjoyed it. Lastly, we had our Korean lesson by Kuninobu. Technical was Herwin. The technical flow was smooth and there was no delay in the program. The Sunday school ended successfully with the hard work and heart works of the Sunday school teachers, and technical staff.

We had online Sunday school 12 times this year. We feel limitations of online to communicate with each one of children.

But still, we don’t have face to face Sunday school in many local areas, So, we want to continue online Sunday school.  

Thank you so much.

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