Pure Love Education Webinar (March 20, 2021)

Theme: “Guiding the next generation on the right path for the nation’s development through pure love”.

International Association of Youth and Students for Peace Pilipinas in partnership with Ferndale International School, will hold a Pure Love Education webinar for Junior and Senior Highschool Students who actively participating and willing to engage in any of our events and future activities

Pure Love Education is one of the main brand programs of IAYSP-Pilipinas which aims to help lessen the teenage pregnancy problem in our country. This program helps develop good character, self-control, and responsible citizenship. According to R.A. 11476, the State recognizes the vital role of youth in nation-building, especially their physical, moral, spiritual, and social well-being.

            The goal of Pure Love education is to promote understanding, raise awareness, and develop character related to the proper use of human sexuality. In essence, to develop the integrity and maintain the sacredness of conjugal love. This is the best preparation for creating a successful, loving marriage and stable, nurturing family.