“The Completion of Our Responsibilities in the Era of Cheon ll Guk”

On the last week of online Sunday Family Service, Rev. Julius B. Malicdem, Director of HPHC-FFWPU Southeast Asia shared the topic on “The Completion of Our Responsibilities in the Era of Cheon Il Guk.”

The program began with a series of Holy Songs followed by the singing of Cheon Il Guk Anthem. Rev. Malicdem led the recitation of the Family Pledge number 8 and its meaning.

The Opening Prayer was led by Ms. Celine Louise Deapera followed by the Scriptural Reading given by Ms. Bellaflor Fabro. To get updated with the happenings in the world providence, inspiring reports were delivered to us by the HJ Global News. After that, Mr. Herwin Calinawan offered his beautiful composition, entitled, “Learn to Love.”.

Before sharing his Sunday Message, Rev. Malicdem expressed his warm welcome to the new regional leaders of Asia Pacific; Rev. Demian Dunkley of Asia Pacific 1 and Rev. Masaichi Hori of Asia Pacific 2 where Philippines is part of and gratitude to our beloved Dr. Yong who is now taking the responsibility in North America as the Regional President.

Rev. Malicdem started his message by sharing the Parable of the Talents (Bags of Gold) taken from Matthew 25:14-29 which says: “For whoever has will be given more, and they have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”. In this parable, He emphasized the significance of Blessing and Responsibility. When God gives us blessings or talents or bags of gold, we have to be ready to take responsibility for it in order not to lost the blessing we receive. That is our portion of responsibility.

How important is our portion of responsibility?

He said that, as we enter the Era of Cheon Il Guk, more than ever before, our responsibility becomes even more important. Responsibility is the ability to respond. When God called us, do we respond or retreat?

Rev. Julius cited True Mother’s Words, “We live in a new historical era and we need to be different. He stressed that from now on, we need to reflect on: ‘Who am I?’ ‘What did I take responsibility for?’ ‘What did I accomplish?’ ‘What position I have’ is not important. We need to focus on, ‘Where should we go?’ To reach that destination while we are on this earth, ‘what responsibilities did we fulfill?’ ‘What did I do to prepare for my future generations?’ ‘What clear foundation did I Build?’ This is very important.” Understanding True Mother’s words, we can reflect, it is most important that we are fulfilling the responsibility that is given to us by our True Mother.

Rev. Malicdem highlighted that the goal of restoration is to realize God’s ideal of creation and to realize Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spiritual world. This is the substantial Cheon Il Guk that our Heavenly Parent and True Parents have been dreaming of.

Rev. Malicdem cited from the Divine Principle the ages categorized with the reference to responsibility. First, the 2000 years from Adam to Abraham which is the age of the providence to lay the foundation for God’s responsibility. Then, the 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus on the age of the providence based on God’s responsibility. After that, the 2000 years from Jesus to the 2nd coming which is the age of the providence based on Jesus and Holy Spirit’s responsibility. And from the 2nd Coming to the Completion of providence of Restoration is the age of the providence based on the believer’s responsibility.

Therefore, the completion of the providence of restoration is based on the  believers’ fulfillment of their portion of responsibility. It is not based anymore on God’s portion of responsibility. The accomplishment of Restoration is equal to 5% Human Responsibility + 95% God’s Responsibility. Therefore, all the blessed families and members must fulfill the 5% human responsibility on behalf of all humanity.

Rev. Malicdem explained that the desire of our Heavenly Parent is for us to become victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiahs (HTMs) both Horizontal and Vertical; that all blessed couples around the world need to fulfill their responsibility as tribal messiahs and become couples that are inducted as Cheonbo. By becoming a victorious tribal messiah, a blessed family become a Heavenly Treasure. Our Heavenly Parent’s dream is for total salvation. We have to expand the realm of Cheonbo families on the earth. We have to own our True Mother’s vision for absolute victory of 2027.

Rev. Malicdem concluded and summarized his message by expounding the meaning of being registered as Cheonbo couple.

1.         Officially recognized (official recognition?) of the fulfillment of your 5% Portion of Responsibility.

2.         Officially recognized as “Citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

3.         Officially enter the realm of God’s Direct Dominion.

4.         Will receive a glorious Seonghwa Ceremony.

After the Sunday Message, the singing of the Offertory song and Offertory Prayer led by Ms. Monena Balanay followed. The program concluded with a unison prayer and the singing of the Holy Song “By the Spring of Life”.

This week’s service was hosted by Dr. Randy B. Ame and was organized by the Blessed Family Department.

Thank you for attending our weekly service!

May you have a blessed week ahead!

See you next week!

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Written by: Ms. Manilyn Zamora

Photos by: Ms. Mary Jane Carillo