The Philippine Contribution for the 2nd RALLY OF HOPE and True Mother’s Message

Another online Sunday Service was held this October 4, 2020 participated by brothers and sisters across the nation and abroad.

The pre-program started with the singing of Holy Songs to prepare the environment. It was officially started with the singing of Cheon Il Guk Anthem and the recitation of the Family Pledge and its meaning. The Opening Prayer was led by Ms. Manilyn Zamora and was followed by the Scriptural Reading by Ms. Cristal Josie Ann Parason. After which, inspiring reports from the HJ Global News by the PeaceTV was played. A heartwarming song rendition of the song “You Say” was then offered right after by Mr. Jerome Enriquez.

For this week’s message, Rev. Leo Angelo T. Halog, National Leader – FFWPU Philippines, shared about the contribution of the Philippines for the 2nd Rally of Hope and True Mother’s Message. Rev. Halog expressed his gratitude for the hard work of all brothers and sisters who contributed greatly to the success of the rally.

Rev. Halog did the rundown of the speakers during the event. They were H.E. Jose Manuel Barroso(Former President of European Commission), H.E. Richard Cheney(Former Vice President of the United States) and H.E. Evaristo Carvalho(President of the Democratic of Sao Tome and Principe), H.E. Dan Quayle(Vice President of USA), Hon. Samdech Heng Samrin(President of the National Assembly of Cambodia), and H.E. Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani(Former Prime Minister of Pakistan). This time, Hon. Jose De Venecia (Former Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives and co-chairman of IAPP) gave a very inspiring speech and gratitude to True Mother.

Rev. Halog showed the nationwide mobilization results for the past two Rallies of Hope. Also, PTV 4 joined us by streaming the event. From their Facebook page, more than 62,000 people viewed and 956 shared the live streaming. Significant public figures participated as well including Hon. Martin Dino, Undersecretary of Department of Interior Local Government (DILG), Hon. Pilar Braga, Councilor, from Davao and Dr. Rebecca Andrade from Marikina.

Rev. Leo read True Mother’s message during the rally and highlighted the key points. These were the following:

1. We need to know the creator God and attend Him as our Heavenly Parent. Humanity must return to its original position. God must stand in the position of our Parent.

2. We need to open our hearts and listen to the voice of heaven. We have to let go of self-centeredness and greed.

3. Only by seeking and meeting True Parents that we can guarantee a future for the earth and humanity.

4. We need to repent and return this earth to the pristine condition that heaven gave it to us, for our stewardship.

5. We need to use technology that science has created for our stewardship and return the earth to the pristine condition that God bequeathed to us in order to flourish and prosper. This is the responsibility we have as God’s children. Human beings self-centeredness is destroying the creation.

6. The Kingdom of Heaven lies with you. Let us work together in earnest to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Please do your best to become God’s beloved children.

After the Sunday Message, the singing of the Offertory song and the Offertory Prayer led by Ms. Ma. Joy Lumahan followed. The program concluded with a unison prayer and the singing of the Holy Song Day of Glory.

This week’s service was hosted by Ms. Maraia Carry A. Aparece and was organized by Membership and HTM Department.

Thank you for attending our weekly service!

May you have a grateful week ahead!

See you next week!

Written by: Ms. Manilyn Zamora

Photos by: Ms. Mary Jane Carillo