Towards Vision 2027: The Role of Christianity

True Mother’s speech during the recently concluded WCLC-Rally of Hope was the timely source for the scriptural reading read by Ms. Hazel Jean Regalado. True Mother reminded every member that in ushering this new era towards vision 2027, unity and true ownership are absolute necessities.

Inspiration to move forward together with the only begotten daughter surged more after watching this day’s episode of HJ Global News centering on the Rally of Hope to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the World Christian Leadership Conference and support the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World. After which, a song of peace was rendered by Ms. Ju Ran Teves.

Dr. Kittel, the sermon giver gave new and clear insights into True Mother’s speech and the role of the Philippines as the second daughter nation. He emphasized that True Mother is everyone’s current central figure. Through her, God works. Only through the Messiah, one can be reborn and can have a lineage connected to Him.

Also, he posited that Jesus had no option but to go to the way of the cross. More than anything, the cross symbolized (1) protection of the national foundation of Israel for the Messiah and (2) an opening of God’s world level providence. Nonetheless, the victory of the cross was achieved due to Jesus’ resilience amidst suffering. His promise to return was the ultimate beginning of Christianity.

The second coming of the Messiah has long been anticipated to fulfill what was written, “I am the alpha and the omega”. In today’s context, it is to establish God’s lineage here on earth.

Before the establishment of the said lineage, the Messiah of this time and age who is True Mother needs more than ever a foundation honoring marriages and family. Providentially as True Mother stands as the second Eve, she needs the 2nd daughter nation which is the Philippines, the most alive Christian nation to represent her.

Dr. Kittel further stressed out the external substantiation happening in the Philippines. This year’s passing of RA 11476 with the title Good Manners and Right Conduct and Values Education is the concrete institutionalizing marriages and family values. More so, he revealed that the church’s program, APLC is in great consonance with this act.

Before ending his sermon, Dr. Kittel strongly expressed the need for APLC to supplement the integration of the act in the K-12 curriculum in the country. This will effectively help both the family and the academe in preparing young people to become good parents who are altruistic and family-oriented.

An offertory prayer by Ms. Jamie Lark Adlawan concluded the service.

Ms. Maraiah Carry Aparece moderated the service and wished everyone for another awe-inspiring week ahead.