We are Predestined to Fulfill God’s Will

This week’s Sunday Family Service, Rev. Leo Angelo T. Halog, the National Leader of HPHC-FFWPU Philippines, shared the importance of fulfilling one’s portion of responsibility in fulfilling God’s Will and realizing Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.

Rev. Halog shared that everyone is predestined to be part in fulfilling God’s Will even before the time of birth which the ancestors have prepared the way. He emphasized that God’s responsibility is to look for a person qualified as central figure. Someone that can unite absolutely with him. On the other hand, even though God predestined that person, fulfilling the individual’s portion of responsibility is necessary to be victorious.

He cited Father Moon’s explanation of the story of Jacob and Esau where God made the condition to recover the birthright. He emphasized that the future depends upon the completion of portion of responsibility like what Jacob and Esau did. He highlighted how all people are inclined to follow the rhythm of heavenly fortune but only people who follow the principle can survive and prosper. Nowadays, this manifest when heads of states and leaders in the society looking for solution are affiliating with UPF and providential organizations. He also explained how True Parents is making sure that each one of the blessed families can be included in the Cheon Bo Won record.

In conclusion, Rev. Halog cited True Mother’s Words in a Special Gathering for Future Leaders last June 27, 2020 wherein she expressed her deep love for each blessed families and encouraged everyone to fulfill Heavenly Parent’s dream and True Parents’ dream to realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Lastly, he shared True Mother’s words last June 4, 2020 at Cheon Jeong Gung. She emphasized that this is once in a lifetime living in the time of True Parents and as people entrusted to fulfill the portion of responsibility of realizing Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ dream. Rev. Halog strongly determined to restore the Philippines within 2027 and encouraged everyone to unite and together offer victory to True Parents.

The program started with the singing of the Holy Songs, the Cheon Il Guk Anthem and the recitation of the Family Pledge and its meaning. The Opening Prayer is led by Ms. Foo Jeong Cipriano and it was followed by the Scriptural Reading by Ms. Hazel Jean Regalado. Then, everyone watched reports from HJ Global News by Peace TV. For the offering song, Mr. Emmanuel Gillo and Ms. Celine Louise Deapera sang “Eternal Love” as greetings to the 360,000 and 30,000 couples celebrating their anniversary.  After the Sunday Message, it was followed by the singing of Holy Song # 10 and the Offertory Prayer led by Ms. Monena Balanay. Subsequently, everyone offered the unison prayer then the singing of Holy Song #35 as recessional song.

This week’s service is hosted by Ms. Joyce Publico. Thank you for joining us. See you next week!

Written by: Ms. Gabrille Elizabeth Bigol

Photos taken by: Ms. Mary Jane Carillo