Youth Peace Camp – Day 2 Awarding and Giving of Tokens

The IAYSP- Palawan Chapter hosted a 2-Day Youth Peace Camp with the theme: Strengthening the Role of a Responsible Youth Through Lectures and Peace Building Activities. This 2-Day  event was partcipaed with 53 people (27 from participants, 9 from YSP, 20 from other organization). The event was composed of lectures, about Pure Love, 5 Principles of Peace, and Finding Myself. After the formal program, Family Bonding and Christmas Party followed. 

During the Graduation Ceremony of Youth Peace Camp 2022, The IAYSP-Palawan took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the partner organization and people who supported the IAYSP-Palawan for 2 years since its establishment.

As we end this year, we would like to extend our gratitude for being partner and for supporting us in realizing peace through our activities. we would like to celebrate with you our accomplishments

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